Global Child Forum Foundation Board

Annette Brodin Rampe

Chairperson, Global Child Forum

Annette has been Chairperson of the Board since June 2018. She has served as Managing Partner Europe within Brunswick Group LLP, where she was global advisor on strategic communication, crisis communication, change processes and public affairs. She has also been Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at E.ON Sverige AB and CEO of Senea. Annette has over 20 years of successful board level experience in Nordic companies among others Norske Skog, Vattenfall and Peab.

Paula Guillet de Monthoux

Vice Chairperson, Global Child Forum

Paula Guillet de Monthoux is the Secretary General of World Childhood Foundation, a sister organisation to the Global Child Forum. Previously, she was the Director of SOS Children’s Villages in Denmark.

Rolf Abdon

Rolf Abdon is the Founder and Chairman of Abdon Mills AB and Grain Millers, Inc. Rolf holds a B.Sc. in Law and an M.B.A. from INSEAD.

Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke

Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke is Mistress of the Robes at the Swedish Royal Court. She sits on several boards working with children’s rights, such as World Childhood Foundation and Care About the Children. Previously, Kirstine was the First Lady of the Court, managing H.M. Queen Silvia’s Office.

Hanna Roberts

Hanna Roberts is CEO for GES International and leads the work of the GES Management Team. Previously, she was Engagement Director at GES for seven years and before that she worked at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University. In addition, Hanna has been active in Amnesty International for more than 20 years – serving as chairperson of both the Swedish chapter and Amnesty International Worldwide. Hanna holds a Master of Science in Biology as well as Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University.

Helena Thybell

Helena Thybell is Head of Global HR at the H&M Group, responsible for the company’s Global Employee Strategy. Prior to this role, Helena was the Global Manager of H&M Foundation whose mission is to contribute to positive long-term change for people and communities.  She was also the General Manager of the Swedish Postcode Foundation. In addition, Helena has worked as Secretary General of the Swedish Red Cross Youth Society, managing overall child and youth issues in Sweden. 

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Global Child Forum
Partner Advisory Board (PAB)

The Global Child Forum’s Partner Advisory Board (PAB) is a network of advisors that bring to the Global Child Forum a wealth of experience, knowledge and counsel in all the Forum’s touch points. The PAB is comprised of our funders and the group meets regularly at Forums as well as at the annual Partner Board Meeting at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Highlights from our latest Partner Advisory Board can be found here.

“Dear friends of Global Child Forum,
You have all been wonderful. You understood how important you and your enterprises are, to help change children’s situation in the world! You have been generous sharing your knowledge with us and generous by supporting Global Child Forum financially the way you did.
Our warmest Thank you to you all!”

/ H.M. Queen Silvia at the Global Child Forum Partner Advisory Board 2017